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Welcome to Lifestream Highschool, the best place for kids to grow and prepare themselves for Squaresoftland College. It's the fun times of the best years for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts kids and adults alike, with a focus on the inner workings of the teenage mind. The angst, the emo, the crazy antics and lame metal bands.

Create bonds with characters who would normally never even meet. Flunk out of classes for vengeance purposes. Start fights around the flagpole. Here, everything's game.

1. Original Characters will not even be considered.

2. A character's past can be based off the one they had in the game, but obviously Yuna's dad would not have died fighting Sin. Unless he was in the Crusades.

3. Do not try to join/friend the community without being accepted first.

4. There is a three character cap. If you apply for more than one character, make sure their interaction is limited if anything.

5. Prolonged absence will result in termination unless the mods have been notified. And by prolonged I mean two weeks. And by terminated I mean with a Terminator.

6. Keep in character. This is an AU role play, so obviously some characters will have to be altered, but I don't see Sephiroth wearing a dress to school anytime soon.

7. Do not write another character for someone. When involved in a thread, don't assume what people would say or do WAIT YOUR GORAM TURN

8. Use proper grammar and spelling. I'm number one offender in typos, but if you keep typing "potato" "potatoe" or something I am going to choke you.

9. Journals are expected to be updated. Joining threads is great, but if you can't post in your character's journal for two weeks I am going to strangle you along with those bad spellers.

10. All relationships are allowed. If you don't like homosexuality or whatever, then deal wit it in your own special way. Take Seymour's advice and pretend you didn't see it.

11. Important! This is a high school roleplay. Feel free to utilize character stereotypes an exaggerate bits of the person you're playing. Also keep in mind, there will be unpopular people. Just because you like a character doesn't mean they're going to be prom queen/king. Example: Kuja is the bees knees, but he's also a total weirdo. Popularity level: low.

Aeris Aim: CupidsVictim2020
Zidane Aim: selineliz

-F-list Quick Add
-Player/Character AIM contacts

Character Journal
Terra Brandford iris_eternity
Aeris Gainsborough floral_aura
Tifa Lockhart kick_your_arse
Red XIII nanakithexiiith
Selphie Tilmitt loves_sugar
Rinoa Heartilly winged_heart
Zell Dincht the_dincht_man
Zidane Tribal thieving_hero
Garnet til Alexandros XVII dagger_love
Beatrix beatrixtory
Gippal Driscoll mr_fixthings
Tidus Zanarkand blitzyourass
Baralai Mendel humble_piety
Yuna Hua aschere_moon
Axel 8_flames
Saix Hustin berserker_vii
Sora Bailey teh_anti_emo
Demyx sonataofwater
Riku seekingtwilight
Naminé amaranth_heart
Xemnas xemnas101

Player Information
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Email Address:

Character Information
Name: (If your character has no last name, make one up)
Clubs/Extra curricular activities:
Short bio:
Third Person Sample in the High School Setting:

Apply HERE

Once you're accepted, please check out THIS POST for further instructions.

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