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Tidus Zanarkand [userpic]
Pool Party
by Tidus Zanarkand (blitzyourass)
at August 26th, 2006 (01:15 am)

Who: Everyone
Where: Tidus' house
When: Friday evening, approximately 7 PM
What: A pool party.

The Victorian house was on 476 Beechwood crescent, a normal neighbourhood by normal standards, and was relatively quiet with only a few kids living around the area.

( Okay...so I got a little lazy with describing...>.> I dub this Tidus' house. )

And decided to be really lazy all the way...

( Here's the pool... )

(And I couldn't find a non-stuffy "interior" for the house, so you'll just have to make due with my tacky descriptions. XP )

There is one large living room to the right of the front doors, with the complete set of couches, black leather, and each one has a couple of pillows including a thin pale beige blanket draped over. The entertainment center is at one corner, facing the couches, and the fireplace is between the two larger couches. There's a beanie chair near the coffee table, and a rug overtop of the beechwood flooring. The fireplace has a collection of photos, mostly of Tidus and his games, and one recent family photo. Behind the largest of the couches was the bayview window with pale cream curtains drawn to the side.

To the left of the front doors is the stairway to the second floor. There are 4 bedrooms up here, one a guest room, another the master bedroom, next to it the work room, and the one closer to the stairs was Tidus' room. Tidus' room is a mixture of blue and yellow, with posters of his favourite soccer teams on his walls, and a motorcycle calendar on the inside of the door. His window is large, and shows the backyard, where the pool could be seen.

His parent's bedroom is off-limits. ( X3 )

The washroom looks partially Victorian inspired. There's a basement leading to the pool, and the game's room is in the basement. Another washroom is in the basement too.

( That's it for describing...o_o Tidus is showering. Feel free to come in and sit around in the living room. XO )


Posted by: Sora Bailey (teh_anti_emo)
Posted at: August 28th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)

Sora was still rather damp from his prompt dunk into the killer pool Tidus' family owned, but he'd toweled most of the water off in deference to the shiny wood floors. He and his dad may have only had cheap linoleum, but Sora could tell that this stuff was expensive. And didn't wood warp when wet? Sora didn't care to find out, especially if he'd have to pay for it with his nonexistent monetary funds.

He'd been searching for Riku ever since get out, but hadn't seen hide nor hair of his long lost friend, and found himself wishing that he'd remembered to ask for Riku's new cell phone number before heading out. But then again, Riku probably wouldn't have told him anyway.

As he was passing the front door for what had to be the seventh time that night, and eyeing the door to the kitchen as his stomach rumbled hungrily, he was a little surprised to hear the someone on the other side of the door knock. Sora, certainly, hadn't had enough manners to do so, just barging in in front of Tifa and Aeris when they'd gotten there.

Sheepish, Sora scratched the back of his head, and figured he'd do Tidus a favor, then, and answer the door for him. He opened it with a grin, and said, "Hello!"

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