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Garnet Til Alexandros XVII [userpic]
[Closed Log]
by Garnet Til Alexandros XVII (dagger_love)
at September 17th, 2006 (11:43 am)
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Who: Dagger and Zidane
Where: Movies
When: Erm... Afternoon?
What: Zidane asked Dagger out on a date friendly outing ^^ Happened before lj entry #4 of Dagger~!
Warnings: Boring movie?

Zidane ran around his house, cleaning up before his ride came. He had made a bit of a mess of the place while searching for his wallet and finding his best clothes at the same time. If his mom came home to such a cluttered house, she'd flip. So he rushed.

When it looked at least a little better, he slid down the banister to the door and wriggled his feet into his shoes. After double checking his pocket that held his well earned money, he flung the door open and looked around outside to see if Garnet had arrived.

"Right. It's around that corner. There!"

Garnet smiled warmly at their driver before stepping out of the car from the backseat. She gestured at the older man to wait for them, knocking softly on the glass window. Of course, he can't exactly leave her right there. Unless he wanted his job taken away, but Garnet didn't want that.

She turned around to see Zidane at their front door and waved at him. "Sorry, I'm kinda late. Mother wants to clear a few things up," she told him cheerily, walking up to him.

He pushed the doorknob to make it lock, and shut the door. "No worries. I'm always late, so you really don't need to apologize." Zidane grinned at her as he stepped away from the house. He came up to her, noting to himself that she looked beautiful the way the fading light fell upon her. But he wouldn't tell her that. Not yet, anyway.

"Did you tell your mom you're going to see a movie with me, or did you leave my name out of it?" he asked curiously.

"I said I was going with a friend," Garnet replied lightly with a grin. "It's technically not a lie and well, she didn't ask any more questions." She motioned her hand over her shoulder. "Besides, the driver's with me so she's not too worried."

"You should pass some of your 'rebellion' onto Demyx. He really needs to stop worrying about his mother.." He was talking about something she probably didn't care for. So he changed the topic as he began walking towards the car. "What type of a movie you wanna see?"

Garnet opened the car door for him and waited for him to get in, a thoughtul expression on her face. "That's completely up to you," she replied, raising a dark eyebrow. "Don't tell me you haven't decided on one yet."

"I figured you'd choose.. but there's one I think we could agree on." Zidane added quickly. He wasn't sure if she really would agree on it, being a horror flick and all, but if not there were plenty of other options available.

He motioned for her to enter the vehicle before him. "Ladies first."

She scowled at him, folding her arms. "You go in first. This is my car."

He grinned widely back. "Technically it's your mother's car, but since you're so cute with that expression, I'll do what you say." He slid in and scooched to the other side, automatically clicking his seatbelt into place out of habit.

Garnet slid inside after him, letting the driver close the door for them. "Oh, shut up. That doesn't work on me anymore." She instructed the older man upfront where to go before leaning back on the leather seat. "You should think newer pick-up lines. No wonder you often get rejected."

"Then tell me, what lines would work on you?" Zidane asked as he watched her closely. "Or do I have to figure it out on my own?" He smiled, knowing that his lines really were corny. But he wouldn't admit it, not until he got some new ones.

She sighed and then waved her hand dismissively. What kind of a conversation were they getting into anyway? "Enough. We are going nowhere with this."

Garnet closed her eyes then forced a smile. "Anyway..." She racked her brain for a new topic. "Have you finally gotten a lab partner in Chem?"

Slumping lower into the seat, he shook his head. "I'm doing fine by myself." He peered out the window as he spoke. "It's easier then I thought it would be, at least." Actually, the work was sitting abandoned in his room, only partially completed. "My Dad is coming home tomorrow, I'll get him to help me. Not that I need it, of course."

"So you're not getting a lab partner?" she asked him with an amused expression on her face. "You're smarter than I thought in Chemistry." She sighed yet again. "I had to find a partner or else I would die..."

A quiet, unexpected chuckle trickled out of Zidane's mouth. "I'm not that smart when it comes to science, trust me." Yep, just admit to the girl that you're not very bright. Smooth.

He closed his eyes. "I'm glad you found a partner."

Garnet shrugged her shoulders, flipping her hair. "Well, he was nice enough to accept my request. He didn't seem interested at first though."

"We're talking about Squall, here. He's not the enthusiastic type, so I've heard." He wriggled into a regular position again, feeling a bit sore from sitting weirdly. It was going to be very hard to stay still during the movie; Garnet sitting beside him and having to behave himself.

Well, you're not very enthusiastic yourself, she thought, not saying anything.

She glanced at him for a moment, her brows slightly knitting, before leaning back in her seat and turning to the window. Yeah, like him not being interested now. She then looked at her watch, eyeing the time, wondering why they were taking too long to get to the theatre. She knew she should've read on how to make car rides interesting.

Perhaps it was the unusually long ride or the fact that there was a tension inside the car that urged Garnet to get out once they'd arrived. She sighed inwardly as she slid out, holding the door for Zidane.

"I am capable of opening a door myself." Zidane commented before he stepped out. He leaned by the driver's window. "Uh. Thanks for the ride!"

He walked towards the building, burying his hands in his pockets. His mind was concentrated on the choice of movies they could watch, rather then focusing on trying to be a good boy. "So.. what'll it be? Horror, comedy, or cheesy romance?"

"Anything would be okay with me," she replied cheerily, waving at the car. It would still wait for them, rather, for her. "I'm not really picky so you choose."

"I haven't seen a good scary flick in a while." He opened the theatre door wide, once again motioning for her enter before him. "It's not your car, not your house. So, ladies first."

Garnet frowned at him, stepping through the doorway and into the dark room. "You're still being sarcastic about that?" she hissed at him, glancing for a moment at the screen before holding out to the wall. "Geez, Zidane... Can't you take a joke?"

After his eyes adjusted to the light, Zidane whispered into her ear. "I love jokes." He gently took Garnet's arm by the elbow and led her further into the room, eyeing two open seats in one of his favourite spots. "Here is good."

Garnet had stiffened at his action, freezing at their sudden contact, then shook her head inwardly. That was certainly weird, she thought as she sat down, tugging her ear lobe. Weird.

She turned to him with another frown. "Are you sure you know I'm Garnet, Zidane?"

He gave a innocent, confused look to counter her frown. Apparently any physical contact was a bad thing. "I asked Garnet to a movie, and you're here with me, so yeah, I know you're Garnet."

"Okay..." She let out an awkward laugh then sighed heavily, shaking her head. "I thought you were mistaking me for one of your girls again."

"I wouldn't forget who I was with in the middle of date, Dagger. Not when it's with you." The last he made sure to whisper so quietly that not even himself could hear clearly. He settled into the comfortable chair, staring at the large screen. If he sat perfectly still through the movie, maybe the night wouldn't be as ruined as seemed it was.

"It's not a--" Garnet stopped herself in midsentence thoughtfully, glancing sideways at Zidane for a moment. No one had told her that this was a date. It was just a, well, friendly event, right? Besides, Zidane was her best friend. Sort-of. Was he thinking that this was a date?

She closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the cushy seat. "It's not a date, Zidane," she told him flatly.

He grinned. "Not a date, huh? If this isn't a date, I don't know what it is." He shrugged, shifting in his seat so he could watch the screen and be able to glance at Garnet whenever he liked. It would be impossible to see the expressions on her face, but the light from the movie was enough for him to be satisfied.

"You're giving this way too much meaning, Zidane." She tilted her head to glance at him and met his eyes. "And you know that a date's not going to happen, even after 10 years."

Ouch. He was definitely not expecting that. Zidane stared as closely as he could at her, hoping there was a hint of tease on her face. Either there was none, or it was just too dim to see, he looked away.

There was plenty of time for Zidane to try and go on an actual date with her. That thought alone gave him a bit of hope, that he could keep trying. But, for now, "Fine." he said grumpily. "This isn't a date. Happy?"

Garnet's expression quickly changed for the better and she smiled at him cheerily. "Happy. Don't worry, I promise I'll pay for everything when I get my allowance." That way, no one can call it as a date.

"I'll pay for myself, thanks." Once again he slumped into his chair. He glanced up at the big screen, not feeling like watching anything else but her in that moment. Watching the one thing he wanted the most sounded so much better then watching a not-very-scary movie. But would she notice?

"You don't need to take this all seriously, Zidane," she replied patiently, guessing that he was starting to sound annoyed or something. Well, he looked depressed and annoyed at the same time so she had deduced that that was the case. "We're friends and this is what friends do, right?"

Garnet flashed him a bright smile and patted his shoulder before giggling good-heartedly. "Don't worry, at least some girl is 'going out' with you when none would," she joked lightly.

"Ahh, be quiet." he replied, with yet another grin planting itself on his face. If they weren't in such a public place he would have melted at her giggle. "I guess you'll just have to tell all the other girls what they're missing out on." Zidane crossed his arms, making a child-like 'hmph' noise.

"It's not like they are missing something out," she shot back, a dark eyebrow raised. But she was glad that everything was back to normal. Not that she didn't think it would. Zidane rarely gets mad over something that fast anyway. "But I'll be sure to tell them that they didn't miss anything out."

"Yeah," he mumbled in a sarcastic tone. "Thanks." With another sigh he turned his attention to the screen. Might as well watch a little bit of it after paying for it, right?

It wasn't keeping his interest much. His mind kept wandering back to Garnet, wondering how things would turn out after this.

Garnet settled her chin on her palm, frowning at the screen. It was supposed to be a horror movie, right? So it was supposed to be scary, right? So then why...

"It's not scary, Zidane," she told her companion wryly. "Are you sure it's a horror flick?"

So it wasn't just him. "That's what it said. Unless the critics have decided that 'scary' means 'utterly boring'." A thought popped up in his mind, but she would never approve. But he asked anyway. "We could do the scaring instead. Creep along the rows behind and jump out at them?" Zidane grinned.

Garnet turned to him in her seat, a disapproving expression on her face. A killjoy, that's what she is, but it sometimes pays to be one. "We can't do that. We'll be thrown out of the theatre and I don't want that since you paid for it."

She turned her gaze back to the screen, watching one of the characters get caught by whatever it was. "It's not good wasting money."

"Sitting here watching this," he gestured at the screen, "is a waste of money. I'd get way more pleasure out of making people frightened myself." Looking around at the other movie-goers, he was appalled to find that quite a few were actually afraid. Seeing the smiling faces of those sharing Zidane's same thoughts, he felt better.

"They should be sued for false advertising."

"You said it," Garnet agreed with a nod, tilting her head in amusement at the severed body part. She wasn't exactly sadistic but, well, if it wasn't scary, then it was amusing. "I think I'm going to sleep. Why don't you wake me up when it's over?"

As she said it though, her elbow slipped from the armrest, colliding with Zidane's arm. "Oops, sorry," she apologized with an uneasy laugh. "Stupid armrest."

Zidane glanced at the armrest, then back to her face, grinning. "No worries." He stretched in his seat. "You sleep. I'll give you a run-through of how awful it was when it's over."

"Why did you think of getting this movie anyway?" She turned to her side, her back facing Zidane, with a slightly stifled yawn. She had been working on a project for History and she barely got sleep that evening. If she had known that the movie they were catching was this boring, then she should've just slept back in her room.

"Next time, I'm choosing the movie."

"You do that." he replied. 'Next time'? Would there be a next time? Zidane thought about this, staring at the film without actually seeing it.

He looked over at the resting Garnet, eyes trailing down from her hair, across the curve of her back, and then, the armrest. The rest of her was hidden from his view, and she might notice if he leaned forward to get a better look at her.

A scream turned his gaze back to the movie, and he sighed. The victim, as always, stood there screaming her lungs out when she could have been running. Yeah, Garnet was definitely choosing next time.