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Zidane Tribal [userpic]
Clooosed looog!
by Zidane Tribal (thieving_hero)
at September 9th, 2006 (08:55 pm)

Who: Nanaki and Zidane
Where: Lithium Coffee Shop
When: Sunday evening
What: Nanaki and Zidane get together to discuss girls :D
Warnings: Nada.

Nanaki looked at his watch again, growling slightly so his fangs showed over his human lips. "Monkey boy is 15 minutes late..." He sighed at this and leaned against the street light pole, careful not to smoosh his mohawk.

Panting, Zidane ran as fast as he could to the corner. He was late, very late, for meeting up with Nanaki, and his only excuse was that he fell asleep doing his Chemistry work. He sped down the street and saw his friend who most likely had been waiting impatiently for Zidane to arrive. "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" he apologized quickly. "Homework got a bit, uh, boring."

"Nice excuse." Nanaki chuckled to himself as he walked over to a very worn out Zidane. "It's cool. Want to get some coffee or something? It's the only human crap I actually like. Well, besides pizza." He smirked vicariously.

"Sounds good!" he replied after he caught his breath. He hadn't been to the coffee shop in a long time, and getting some good old caffeine would definitely help him finish his homework later. Zidane shoved his hands into his pockets and started walking. "I wonder if anyone else will be there tonight."

"Doesn't Squall work there?" Nanaki asked as he walked beside Zidane. He paused to himself as he looked at his two feet carrying him to the coffee shop. "Boy, do I miss walking on all fours..." He mumbled solemnly.

"Squall, Squall.." Gears turned in Zidane's head as he tried to match the name to face. He'd never met said Squall, just heard about him from Sora. "I think he does." The coins in his pocket jingled annoyingly with every step he took, but he fought back the urge to hold them. Warm, sweaty change was gross. In regards to Nanaki's last comment, Zidane smiled. "Two feet are fine, you'll get used to them."

"Yeah, it's takin' me a while." Nanaki replied as he opened the door to the coffee shop, with the bell on top jingling as he followed Zidane in. "The first day was hell! I was falling all over the place and knocked down a few people who thought I was some kind of perverted criminal due to the mohawk and the battle scares." He whispered to him as he laughed in embarrassment.

Zidane laughed with him, shaking his head. "You did say sorry to them, right?" He looked around, spotting one or two people he had seen in school. It wasn't that crowded, he noted, as he stepped in line to order. "And there's nothing wrong with your mohawk," he shrugged. "I don't think I've seen a criminal with one yet."

"Of course I said sorry!" He retorted as he whimped slightly as he itched his 'XIII' tattoo. "I guess you're right. Regardless, I still look pretty scary." He smirked at this. Then he turned to Squall and asked, "Hey Squall. Lemmi get uh...Vanilla Iced Latte." He then turned to Zidane and asked, "What do you want to order?"

Zidane glanced at the list of drinks and made up his mind. "Just a frappacino, I guess." He pulled his money out to check that he had enough. Fortunately he did, and he mentally thanked his mother for lending him the extra dollar. Mooching off of friends wasn't his thing.

"Hey, I would have gladly paid. But...thanks." Nanaki said with a smile as he grabbed his drink and walked over to the nearest table, sitting across from Zidane. "So, hows are things with Garnet? Did you ask her out yet?"

"Ahh, Garnet.." He held back a grin, distractedly rotating his cup again and again. "Yeah, I asked her to a movie this Friday. She said yes, eventually." The grin that had been kept in finally came out. "You have no idea how glad I am. I really like her."

Nanaki grinned for him friend, "Wow! Really? That's great news!" He then sipped his drink and paused, "Hmmm...a movie, eh? Seems a little cheesy, for you that is, you know? But it's a start. You're always full of surprises, Zidane." He smirked and took another sip and bit his lip from sudden brain freeze.

Zidane rolled his eyes. "She hardly trusts me. I figured, if I can prove that I'm mature enough to behave around her, she might trust me.." he shook his head. "Or something like that." He lifted the drink to his mouth in thought, wondering if she really would someday trust him.

"Well then, don't screw up. I'm sure even YOU can behave yourself for a few hours, hmm?" Nanaki chuckled. "She must trust you a little bit, seeing as how she accepted the date, eh?" He sipped his drink, making that gurgling sound the straw makes when the drink is almost done.

"Sure I can! For Dagger, I'd do almost anything." Zidane sighed. The date this Friday he felt was a chance to redeem himself, after what had happened at the party. But he wouldn't let a little thing like that ruin his chances with her. "She's a tough one, but it'll be worth it."

Nanaki nodded, "Mmhhmm. So, what movie are you seeing with her? Come to think of it, it would be an amusing sight to see you sit still in a movie for two hours." He smirked and broke out a sly grin.

"Whatever she wants," he shrugged again. "If I suggest a scary movie she might think it's a plot to get her scared and cling to me for comfort. That or she'll love a scary movie and I'LL be the scared one." Zidane took a long sip of his drink, then fiddled with the straw. "I never sit still during movies. This is gonna be such a challenge."

Nanaki couldn't help but laugh at this, "Hmmm... Maybe you should turn to someone for a few pointers? I, obviously, wouldn't know what to do! I've never been too close to any girls."

Zidane winced at the mention of getting pointers. Him, of all people, looking for help with girls? Unheard of! "Nah.. I think I'll figure it all out as I go. I've known Dagger for a long time, so it shouldn't be as hard as I'm making it out to be." At least, he hoped it wouldn't be. "Haven't been around many girls, huh? We'll have to work on that!"

Nanaki's interest was sparked. His ears twitched at the mention of this, "...How?"

"Well, there's plenty of girls at school. Just look around and see which ones you'd like to get to know." Zidane felt another grin creep across his lips. "And then we work from there."

Nanaki twidled his empty cup back and forth, "I guess." He smiled after a long pause. "Thanks, Zidane."

"No problem!" he replied, and downed the rest of his own drink. After spotting the nearest trash can, Zidane looked at his friend across the table. "Time to go?"

"Sure. Let's go! I hope that coffee will keep you up with your studies."

"..Ugh." Zidane said, remembering the evil Chemistry that awaited him when he returned home. "Yeah. Let's hope so."


Posted by: Yuna Hua (aschere_moon)
Posted at: September 10th, 2006 07:41 am (UTC)

Very cute session. Good luck boys! ^^

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