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Tifa Lockheart [userpic]
[Closed Log]
by Tifa Lockheart (kick_your_arse)
at August 23rd, 2006 (08:12 pm)

current mood: cranky
current song: Bloc Party - Positive Tension

Who: Tifa and Saix
Where: School parking lot
When: Yesterday afternoon
What: Tifa's having a bad day and just bumping into Saix just made it worse.
Warnings: Language and Saix loosing his cool.

Tifa huffed loudly as she made her way out of school. First, her bicycle chain had tore from her bicycle, rendering it useless. She had to get a ride from Cloud. Then, once she got into Geometry, she realized she had left her homework on the kitchen table. Luckily her teacher let her off with a warning. Everything was all fine and dandy when the final bell rang but NO! Her boss called her, needing her to come in today since another girl had called in sick. So here was Tifa, stomping through the parking lot, obviously pissed.

Saix cursed the day he came to this high school. His teacher had held him back, wanting to speak with him about joing some club or another. As if! He had enough to worry about without attempting to be social in this place! At this rate, he would be late for kendo, and his sensei would make him do double the workout of everyone else! On top of that, he had a load of homework too. So, he was so focused on merely getting out to his car, that he disregarded the rough smack his shoulder gave and recieved against someone else. He shrugged it off and kept going, not intent on his goal to care.

Tifa sighed heavily as she bumped into someone. She growled quietly, fists clenched. She then rounded on the boy, first noting his blue hair. "Hey!" she shouted. "Why don't you watch where you're going?!"

Saix stopped and turned back, blinking at her. He didn't recognize her, but that wasn't surprising since he made it part of his agenda to be as antisocial as possible. "I could say the same," he said back coldly, turning to keep walking.

She growled again and took another step forward. "Hey!" she said again. "Come back here!" She then reached forward and grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back. Wow, we're brazen today, aren't we?

Saix's hand came up, smacking her's away, golden eyes staring coldly down at her. He turned and kept on walking, not wanting to deal with this chikadee.

Tifa shouted in disbelief. She ran over to him, skidding to a stop, blocking his way. She looked at him in the eye. Suddenly, she raised her fist and made to punch him.

Oh crap, Saix thought in his head. Not ANOTHER fight. He didn't need this. What was worse, he was not good as a hand-to-hand fighter. He could do kendo, but by good, throwing a punch was not his thing. So, he did the one thing he knew HOW to do - dodge. He backstepped quickly out of the way.

His dodge caused Tifa to fly forward from the force of her fist. But the girl managed to stop herself and quickly grabbed his arm, making to twist it behind his back.

Okay, double crap. This was NOT how he wanted to start school. He sighed, grateful for Miss Congeniality all of a sudden. She had one arm, not both, and he took advantage of that. He drew his free arm forward, then attempted to drive his elbow home, setting his foot atop hers to spin and try and make contact more with her ribs than her gut.

She coughed loudly as his elbow made contact with her side. Tifa gritted her teeth, angry that she had let her guard down but, ironically, the hit made her adrenaline rush. The gritting turned into a small grin as she let go of his arm and raised her free foot, rushing toward his stomach.

Damn, that hurt. Saix doubled over in pain, but scuttled back as he did to try and give himself some room to recover.

Tifa raised her arms over her head in a stretch before flicking her dark hair and approaching him. Already, a small crowd had formed around them, watching with amazment. The girl stopped in front of him, putting a hand on her hip. She looked down at him, her eyes almost daring him to do more damage to her.

To bad for her Saix hated to loose. He came out of the crouch in a sort of lunge motion, stretching his fist forward like a kendo sword, aiming for just below her chest.

Tifa shouted out of surprise as he struck her, sending her back onto the ground. The air was knocked out of her lungs and she inhaled sharply. "No one--" she gasped, standing up slowly, "No one hits the girls." She ran and lunged at him.

Okay, good, more like kendo. Saix kept his low position, shifting so he was sort of facing her sideways, accepting her blow with his shoulder, then bracing and throwing his weight back against her. "Girl, I take kendo class. If I don't hit the girls, they hit me instead. I've got no qualms, and you STARTED this fight," he snarled back, shoving her back like a football player.

She gasped out of surprise at his ballsy defense but then she furrowed her brows. Just as she was about to raise her fist to try and strike him again, a voice rang through the parking lot. "Mr. Hustin! Ms. Lockheart!" A teacher ran over to them, grabbing Tifa's fist. "Just what do you think you two are doing?! I'm taking you two to the principal, right now!"

Saix cursed. This wasn't good. What would his sensei say? This was bad!!! However, he didn't argue. He just glared at Tifa and marched along behind the teacher.

Tifa glared back at him while they walked to the principal's office. Once they got there, the teacher sat them right outside. Tifa crossed her legs and arms, quite upset. "You wait here while I go in and talk to him." The teacher disappeared behind the door. Tifa then glanced at the boy. "You're good," she suddenly said.

Saix snorted. "Years of kendo will do that," he replied nastily.

"God, you're such a bitch, too," she said, rolling her eyes. "The name's Tifa." She held out her hand, in hopes that maybe he would shake her hand without wanting to break it at the wrist.

Saix glared at her, bowing his head slightly - just the tiniest bit. "Saix Hustin," he replied with cold indifference.

She sighed gently and took back her hand. Why was she going to continue this conversation. Apparently he wasn't interested in talking with her. Perhaps, it even annoyed him...Grinning, Tifa played with the hem of her skirt. "New around here? Don't think I've seen your face before."

"Yes," was the monosyllabic reply as Saix took out his cellphone, quickly texting a message on with anger clearly written over his face. Brilliance, all of this, sheer BRILLIANCE.

Tifa raised her brow. "One-worder," she commented to herself. She picked at her nails slightly. It was quiet for a few minutes. For a few minutes. "You made my day so much better," she said to him. "You have no idea."

"Welcome," he growled. "You stuck me straight in the middle of a crapshoot."

She smiled widely and winked at him playfully before the teacher walked back into the hallyway. "Alright," he said. "Go inside." Tifa stood and walked into the room.

Saix rose, slipping his cellphone away and followed her in, keeping his coldest, most unemotional mask on.

The pair sat in front of the principal. He looked at them before folding his hands together. "I wouldn't expect something like a fight to come out of you two," he said. "Mr. Hustin, you have an excuse since you just arrived here but Ms. Lockheart, I am surprised at you." She tsked her teeth. "I was having a bad day, sir," she said. "Don't you get those sometimes?" He looked at her before sighing. "I am not going to suspend you nor expel you but," he fixed his tie, "you two are going to do some community work around here. Together." "What?!" Tifa asked.

Saix stared at him. STARED. "Uh, when is this work, exactly?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"You will begin tomorrow, after school," he said. "But I have work after school! And kickboxing!" He shook his head. "I'm sure your teachers will understand." Tifa sighed out of annoyance.

Saix exploded. "Absolutley not! My sensei will kill me! I won regionals, and I'm supposed to go to nationals! I have to be there for practice, or he'll cut me from the team!"

Tifa literally jumped in her seat as Saix flipped OUT. "Hey, Saix, calm down," she said, putting a hand on his arm. "Look, I know a way around this," she whispered to him.

Saix glared at her. "Then find it," he hissed.

She turned back to the principal. "Sir, this was our first offense," she said. "Please find it in your heart to pardon us with a warning and we promise it will never happen again." She smiled sweetly, her hair falling over her shoulders. The man looked at her before sighing. "Fine," he said. "But it better not happen again." She chuckled. "Never again, sir."

Saix bowed to the principal and walked quickly out, his cellphone beeping just as the door closed. He whipped it out and read something, cursed, typed quickly and slipped it back in his pocket.

Tifa walked out casually, not rushing anywhere. "You're really high strung," she said to him. "It's not good for your health, along with that anger problem." She stepped back slightly, getting ready in case he did it again.

Saix glared at her. "Look, I'll thank you for what you did back there, but I'm already late enough as it is for my kendo sesssion. This doesn't make us friends, and this doesn't make us enemies. It just makes you another person in my way every single day," he growled and stormed away.

She tsked and waved it off. "Fine," she said. She started heading the other way to take the bus to work.