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[Action Thread..ed..dead!]
by beatrixtory (beatrixtory)
at October 7th, 2006 (09:41 pm)

Who: Ms Wolfe and her History class(es?)
Where: In a classroom, perhaps.
When: Friday morning, at school.
What: Students have to share their family history (that they should have researched..) with a classmate or ten.
Warnings: THE GREATEST FUN and social interaction. And.. people most likely not doing the work.

What could possibly be more fun?Collapse )

Gippal [userpic]
[Action Thread]
by Gippal (mr_fixthings)
at September 17th, 2006 (12:19 am)

current location: Pizza Place
current mood: flirty
current song: Celebration

Who: Gippal and whoever comes
Where: Pizza Place
When: Night
What: Pizza party.  Gippal's treat
Warnings:  maybe..?

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII [userpic]
[Closed Log]
by Garnet Til Alexandros XVII (dagger_love)
at September 17th, 2006 (11:43 am)
current mood: creative

Who: Dagger and Zidane
Where: Movies
When: Erm... Afternoon?
What: Zidane asked Dagger out on a date friendly outing ^^ Happened before lj entry #4 of Dagger~!
Warnings: Boring movie?

No one had told her that this was a date. It was just a, well, friendly event, right?Collapse )

Zidane Tribal [userpic]
Clooosed looog!
by Zidane Tribal (thieving_hero)
at September 9th, 2006 (08:55 pm)

Who: Nanaki and Zidane
Where: Lithium Coffee Shop
When: Sunday evening
What: Nanaki and Zidane get together to discuss girls :D
Warnings: Nada.

Him, of all people, looking for help with girls? Unheard of!Collapse )

Red XIII (Nanaki) [userpic]
Wednesday Mornings are a Drag... x.o;
by Red XIII (Nanaki) (nanakithexiiith)
at August 29th, 2006 (09:03 pm)
current mood: awake
current song: Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Who: Everyone and Anyone.
Where: School. (Entering school, going to class, first period.)
When: Wednesday, August 30; 7:43 - 9:00 AM. (Class begins at 8:05 AM.)
Why: Meeting people, conversing, making first period fun (possibly). :D

First Period Class: Gym (Even if that's not on your schedule, just play along, kappesh? :P) 

(If someone would like to volunteer to be the first period Gym teacher, that would be swell, thanks. :P) 

Tidus Zanarkand [userpic]
Pool Party
by Tidus Zanarkand (blitzyourass)
at August 26th, 2006 (01:15 am)

Who: Everyone
Where: Tidus' house
When: Friday evening, approximately 7 PM
What: A pool party.

The Victorian house was on 476 Beechwood crescent, a normal neighbourhood by normal standards, and was relatively quiet with only a few kids living around the area.

Terra Branford [userpic]
Closed Log
by Terra Branford (iris_eternity)
at August 24th, 2006 (09:06 pm)

Who: Terra, Zidane and Sora
Where: Terra's Appartment
When: Thursday Night, about 8:00
What: The three have all planned a study night for Algebra, or that is the intention, expect distractions
Study BuddiesCollapse )

Demyx Shankar [userpic]
by Demyx Shankar (sonataofwater)
at August 24th, 2006 (08:22 pm)

Who: Mr.McCurstin (Xemnas) and Demyx
Where: Mr.McCurstin and Demyx Neighborhood
When: Wednesday after school
What: Mr.McCurstin disrupts Demyx's practicing before his big gig.

Xemnas hummed to himself as he came home from work....Collapse )

Zidane Tribal [userpic]
This log. Is closed.
by Zidane Tribal (thieving_hero)
at August 24th, 2006 (06:32 pm)

Who: Zidane and Garnet
Where: Garnet's house
When: Friday night, before the party
What: Zidane made a plan to help Garnet escape her house so she could get to the party.
Warnings: Spine tingling suspense? o.O

Was this his plan? She sighed, feeling amused by all this.Collapse )

Tifa Lockheart [userpic]
[Closed Log]
by Tifa Lockheart (kick_your_arse)
at August 23rd, 2006 (08:12 pm)

current mood: cranky
current song: Bloc Party - Positive Tension

Who: Tifa and Saix
Where: School parking lot
When: Yesterday afternoon
What: Tifa's having a bad day and just bumping into Saix just made it worse.
Warnings: Language and Saix loosing his cool.

No one hits the girls.Collapse )

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